Be among the first to get your X-Stream. Order now and receive your X-Stream before retail Stores do this fall. As a preorder customer, you are entitled to considerable discounts including bundles with the X-Con Controller, Accessories, and Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions!


The Future is changing. Just as streaming video has replaced DVDs and subscription music services have replaced CDs, Cloud Gaming is the way of the future. Well, the future is now! Enjoy X-Box Game Pass on the Evo X-Stream. Skip the never-ending downloads, scratched disks, and expensive consoles, and jump into your favorite console game with X-box cloud gaming on the Evo X-Stream.

  • 2023

    Available for preorder

    The future is NOW! Enjoy cloud gaming on the EVO X-Stream with Xbox Game Pass. Skip the install with Xbox Cloud Gaming. The X-Stream Console it is available for preorder until fall 2023 with limited availability to select retailers. Book your console now and receive massive discounts on both the console and the X-Con controller.

  • Standard

    X-Stream Controller

    The standard X-Stream controller comes standard with ever X-Stream box. It is everything you expect from a controller. Quick response times, long battery life and a good feel in your hands. This controller is everything you need to get started playing your favorite Xbox Games on the X-Stream Game Pass streaming box.


*Note Requires Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription. While Xbox Cloud Gaming supports multiple users from different devices at once, Cloud Gaming does not support local multiplayer. Currently, it only supports one player and one account at a time.